Recycled N64 Game Cartridge

During lockdown like most people, I've had more free time on my hands. After a couple of days lounging in my pj’s, binge watching Netflix and having chocolate for breakfast. I decided enough was enough. After exhausting all the jobs around the house. Which didn’t take as long as I had been telling myself all these years.

I started clearing through and testing all my old video game consoles and games. Oh, the nostalgia. I may or may not have spent several hours re-playing games and feeling 7 years old again. As most people know as you get older you’ve got less time to play games which made this a real treat. In some cases, re-playing games, I hadn’t played in 20 years.

While reliving my childhood I came across my old N64 GoldenEye game cartridge. Lots of great memories came flooding back. Unfortunately, and typically, it didn't work, and I didn't think it was repairable. I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it away, but I didn't want it lying around gathering dust either. It was one of my favourite games as a kid.

After having a lightbulb moment and with enthusiasm on my side, skills might have been lacking. I decided to try and recycle it. How hard can it be I thought, I was wrong, very wrong. I can’t keep a ruler straight and just about superglued my hand to the table. Now I remember why I didn’t take Art at school. Nevertheless, here’s the end-product and how I sort of did it.

Nintendo N64 GoldenEye Cartridge

I had an unused box frame lying around which you’ll get out of most homeware shops or online. I bought some high-quality photo printer paper. Printed out a scene from the game and superglued the cartridge onto the paper. Put a big book on top for a few hours to help it stay in place and hey presto job done. I say hey presto job done but this included re-printing the paper several times having cut it wonky and as mentioned earlier nearly gluing my hand to the table. However, in-between a few expletives I had fun and it took me away from myself for a couple of hours.

Got any faulty games and some time to spare? Give this a go and breathe a little new life into them. Save them from the bin. It might not be perfect, it might not be completely straight, I might have had to pick glue off my hand for about an hour, but it'll make a nice little addition to my games room.

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